Our Services

Our core services encompass the entire talent payment process:
1. Pre-production Talent Advice, Representation and
Union Agreements Interpretation

2. Talent Session and Residual Cost Estimates
3. Talent Session and Residual Payments and Invoicing
4. Talent Payment Year End Tax Reporting
5. Comprehensive Canadian Signatory Services

We offer you a set service fee calculated as a percentage of your payments for this entire group of services and you are only billed when we pay on your behalf.

For these reasons most Canadian advertising agencies and production companies outsource their entire unionized talent payment function to TPS, trusting us with all their talent business requirements.

“You never fail to come through in a crunch and because of that we’ve come to realize a comfort zone that definitely decreases our stress level when faced with those unexpected, yet inevitable “crisis” situations.”

Donna Nadeau,
Director, Broadcast Talent & Traffic, Cossette Communications Marketing (Toronto)